Local Information


The US has 7,321,343* cases and 209,453 deaths as of 11:59 pm on September 28, 2020.

South Carolina has 146,000* confirmed cases. We have had 3,326 deaths. 

Methods to stay safe: Practice social distancing and wash your hands often. Pump gas using gloves or a paper towel. Avoid large crowds, and stay home as much as possible. When in public wear a mask. 

Get plenty of exercise and fresh air, but still practice social distancing. 


If you can't pay your bills, call your bill collectors. Call your mortgage company and ask for a forbearance. Call your car loan company and ask for a forbearance or deferment as well. Most utilities are not disconnecting services because of this pandemic.


Stimulus PackageHere are the big points:

1. No payments on federal student loans until September 30, 2020. Call your federal student loan provider. Private student loans are not covered in this bill. 

2. Unemployment benefits are set to expire at the end of July. 


3. Low interest loans for small businesses that may be forgiven. You must go to your bank to apply. 


4. Unemployment benefits- you must file through your state. File as soon as possible, and do your weekly verifications. 


5. Parents with school-aged children who receive free/reduced lunch will be receiving $330 in SNAP benefits that will be mailed out by July 20th. Some parents have already received theirs.   



*Information is rapidly changing. Please check the websites for up-to-the minute data on new cases and deaths. This page is only updated periodically.