Meet Melissa, your neighbor in District 07!


Melissa Watson understands that far too often, elected leaders forget the people that put them there. As a single mom of two beautiful children, she understands the hardships that families and businesses in District 07 contend with every day because she has faced the same struggles most of her life. Melissa believes that the focus in Washington must shift from protecting special interests to bringing common sense solutions that will improve the lives of working middle class families.

Melissa has focused her entire career on serving her community and making it a better place for all residents. She spent 6 years in the Army Reserves and reached the rank of Staff Sergeant by the time she was 23 years old. She was the winner of the “Rookie Teacher of the Year Award” at Baptist Hill High School, and she continues to dedicate her labor to providing quality education for South Carolinians. When not leading in the classroom, she also works hard as a licensed realtor and a restaurant server.


Melissa earned an undergraduate degree from the College of Charleston, a graduate degree from the Citadel and is a doctoral candidate at the University of Phoenix. Melissa spends much of her free time as a volunteer for community organizations and as a leader in the Democratic Party. She has been 2nd Vice chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party, a county party chair, a caucus co-chair, and served as Secretary of the South Carolina Democratic Party. As a leader in her community, she has sponsored mentoring programs for young men and women, been a community soccer coach for Little League sports, and has also sponsored Mock Trial events for her students.