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My Letter to the Editor-Dillon Herald

My name is Melissa Ward Watson, and I am running for Congress in SC Congressional District 07. Never in a million years did I think I would run for the House of Representatives because I always viewed running for office as someone else’s responsibility. What changed? Storms started coming more frequently, flooding started happening a little too often, the quality of our roads began to deteriorate, and poverty levels kept climbing. That is when I knew I had to do something.

I grew up in the quaint community of Dillon where I graduated from high school in 1995. My parents, Hezekiah Ward, Jr. and Mary Ann Smiling Ward, were hardworking people just like all the people in Congressional District 07. My sisters and I were raised in a household where both parents earned a living wage that provided for our family. We were not rich, but we managed to have a respectable lifestyle in a respectable community.

Imagine my surprise when I recently learned that of the 3 poorest counties of the state, 2 are in District 07. One of those is the town in which I grew up. The other is the town where my father was raised. The same statistic is true when it comes to education and infrastructure. As I was driving through the area just yesterday, I was concerned about the rising water levels of the Great Pee Dee River. Once again, it had overflowed its banks. Years ago this was a rarity. Today, flooding is commonplace. Flooding is just one of the many issues we face. Healthcare, education, infrastructure, and women’s health are other issues that are of deep concern to me.

These are the reasons why I am running for Congress, and these are the reasons why I am running now. We can not afford two more years of Tom Rice. We need leadership right now that is going to hold Washington accountable and bring common sense solutions to help our everyday families and businesses right here in South Carolina.

The problems facing our communities don’t just affect Democrats or Republicans or Independents or people that don’t vote. They affect all of us, and I’m going to Washington to make sure that we can finally get our families and our communities the leadership they deserve.

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